Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Below are some of the most commonly request Rubbermaid product assembly instructions. Please click on a link below to open a file.

Outdoor Storage Sheds - Big Max?

Big Max? (3719/3784) Handle Kit Instructions

Big Max (5H80, 3784, 3713, 3719) Wall Anchors Instructions

1S84 -?Big Max Ultra ? - English

1S84 -?Big Max Ultra ? - French

1S84 -?Big Max Ultra ? - Spanish

1S85 -?Big Max Jr. ? - English

1S85 -?Big Max Jr. ? - French

1S85 -?Big Max Jr ? - Spanish

1V30 -?Big Max? 7x7 Shed (File 1)

1V30 -?Big Max? 7x7 Shed (File 2)

1V30 -?Big Max? 7x7 Shed (File 3)

3713 -?Big Max Jr.? - English 130 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3713 -?Big Max Jr.? - French 130 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3713 -?Big Max Jr.? - Spanish 130 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3719 -?Big Max Ultra? - no windows, 467 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3719 -?Big Max Ultra? - with windows, 467 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3784 -?Big Max? - with windows, 307 cu ft. (Discontinued, model replaced)

3784 -?Big Max? - no windows - French & Spanish (Discontinued, model replaced)

3784 -?Big Max? - no windows, 307 cu ft. (Discontinued, model replaced)

3794 -?Big Max? Extension Kit (Discontinued)

3794 -?Big Max? Extension Kit - French (Discontinued)

3794 -?Big Max? Extension Kit - Spanish (Discontinued)

5A16 -?Shelf Accessory Kit (Discontinued)

5E57 -?Tool and Sport Rack (Discontinued)

5E58 -?Wire Shelf (Discontinued)

5E59 -?Basket (Discontinued)

5E60 -?Small Shelf with Hooks (Discontinued)

5E62 -?Utility Hooks (Discontinued)

5E63 -?Handle Hooks (Discontinued)

5E64 -?Power Tool Holder (Discontinued)

5H80 -?NEW Big Max? - English

5H80 -?NEW Big Max? - Spanish & French

5H83 -?NEW Big Max? Accessory Adapter Kit

Outdoor Storage Sheds - Roughneck?

Roughneck Wall Anchor Instructions (5H80, 5L10, 5L20, 5L30)

1V29 -?Roughneck? 7x7 Shed

1W19 -?Roughneck? Small Vertical Shed

1W20 -?Roughneck? Medium Vertical Shed

1W21 -?Roughneck? Large Vertical Shed

3749 -?Roughneck? X-Small Storage Shed

5H80 -?Roughneck? X-Large Storage Shed - English

5H80 -?Roughneck? X-Large Storage Shed - Spanish & French

5L10 -?Roughneck? Small Storage Shed - English

5L10 -?Roughneck? Small Storage Shed - French

5L10 -?Roughneck? Small Storage Shed - Spanish

5L20 -?Roughneck? Medium Storage Shed - English

5L20 -?Roughneck? Medium Storage Shed - French

5L20 -?Roughneck? Medium Storage Shed - Spanish

5L30 -?Roughneck? Large Storage Shed - English

5L30 -?Roughneck? Large Storage Shed - French

5L30 -?Roughneck? Large Storage Shed - Spanish

Outdoor Storage Sheds (Horizontal and Vertical)

Frameworks Storage Building (Discontinued)

Wall Anchor Assembly Instructions

1V31 -?Large Vertical Storage Shed

3667 -?Vertical Storage Shed, 74 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3669 -?Horizontal Storage Shed, 49 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3670 -?Vertical Storage Shed, 52 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3673 -?Vertical Double Deep Storage Shed, 163 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3746 -?Vertical Storage Shed, 52 cu ft.

3747 -?Horizontal Storage Shed, 32 cu ft.

3748 -?Horizontal Storage Shed, 25 cu. ft.

3749 -?Vertical Storage Shed, 17 cu ft.

3752 -?Slide-Lid Storage Shed, 92 cu ft.

3753 -?Split Lid Storage Shed, 18 cu ft.

5L10 -?Small Storage Shed - English

5L10 -?Small Storage Shed - French

5L10 -?Small Storage Shed - Spanish

5L20 -?Medium Storage Shed - English

5L20 -?Medium Storage Shed - French

5L20 -?Medium Storage Shed - Spanish

5L30 -?Large Storage Shed - English

5L30 -?Large Storage Shed - French

5L30 -?Large Storage Shed - Spanish

5L40 -?Slide Lid Shed - English

5L40 -?Slide Lid Shed - French

5L40 -?Slide Lids Shed - Spanish

5L45 -?

Closet Add-Ons and Accessories

3B27 -?

3B28 -?

3S27/3S28 -?2-Shelf and 4-Shelf Closet Helper - English

3S27/3S28 -?2-Shelf and 4-Shelf Closet Helper - French

3S27/3S28 -?2-Shelf and 4-Shelf Closet Helper - Spanish

3s29 -?Max Add-On Closet Organizer - English

3s29 -?Max Add-On Closet Organizer - French

3s29 -?Max Add-On Closet Organizer - Spanish

MN304 -?Two Tier Shoe Rack

3H94 -?Add-on Shoe Shelf Kit

Closet Systems

Closet Design & Installation Guide

Decorative Shelving – Decorative Brackets

Decorative Shelving - Single and Twin Track

Square Support Pole

FastTrack Closet Shelving & Bracket Installation Tips

3D05 -?

3D10 -?3-5 Ft Wardrobe Closet Kits

3D11 -?

3R16 -?FastTrack Pantry Kit

5138 -?

5143 -?

53111 -?Tie & Belt Valet

Closet Systems - Configurations

Configurations Wall Anchor (Item #'s - 3G59, 3H11, 3H88, 3H89)

3G59 -?Classic Closet Kit, 4' - 8'

3H11 -?Classic Closet Kit, 3' - 6'

3H88 -?Deluxe Closet Kit, 3' - 6'

3H89 -?Deluxe Closet Kit, 4' - 8'

3J05 -?Sliding Wire Basket

3J06 -?Sliding Pants Rack

51901 -?Tie and Belt Valet

Closet Systems - HomeFree series?

Configurations Wall Anchor (Item #'s - 3G59, 3H11, 3P40)

3E30 -?Drawer Cube - English & Spanish

3G59 -?Classic Closet Kit, 4'-8' - English

3G59 -?Classic Closet Kit, 4'-8' - Spanish

3H11 -?Classic Closet Kit, 3'-6' - English

3H11 -?Classic Closet Kit, 3'-6' - Spanish

3P40 -?Classic Closet Kit, 6'-10' - English

3P40 -?Classic Closet Kit, 6'-10' - Spanish

7Q30 -?Adjustable Closet System, 4'-8' - English

Deck Storage

1Q05 -?Patio Chic Storage Cube

1Q06 -?Patio Chic Storage Bench

1Q07 -?Patio Chic Storage Trunk

1Q11 -?Patio Series Storage Cube

1Q12 -?Patio Series Storage Bench

1T00/1V87 -?Patio Series and Patio Chic Storage Cabinet

3743 -?Small Deck Box, 2.6 cu ft.

3761 -?Deck Box, 10 cu ft. (Discontinued)

3764 -?Patio Storage Bench, 4 cu ft.

3793 -?Large Deck Box, 12 cu ft. (Discontinued).

4D38 -?Natural Wood Deck Box (Discontinued)

5A01 -?Corner Deck Box, 5.5 cu ft. (Discontinued).

5E39 -?XL Deck Box with Seat

5F21 -?Medium Deck Box with Seat

5F22 -?Large Deck Box with Seat

5F75 -?Accessory Instructions (see 5F75 to assemble storage unit)

5F75 -?XL Deck Box with Accessory Kit

5F76 -?Accessory Instructions (see 5F22 Large Deck Box with Seat to assemble storage unit) (Discontinued)

FastTrack Garage

5E00 -?

5E01 -?

5E09 -?

5E15 -?Shelf with Hooks (Discontinued)

5E16 -?Vertical Ball Rack

5E17 -?2 Shelf Hardware Kit (Discontinued)

5E18 -?3 Shelf Hardware Kit (Discontinued)

5E19 -?3-piece Extension Kit (Discontinued)

5E21 -?

5F56 -?Supreme Garage Kit (Discontinued)

5G71 -?

5G72 -?

5G73 -?

5G76 -?

5G77 -?

5M12 -?Tall Cabinet - English

5M12 -?Tall Cabinet - French

5M12 -?Tall Cabinet - Spanish

5M13 -?Base Cabinet - English

5M13 -?Base Cabinet - French

5M13 -?Base Cabinet - Spanish

5M14 -?Sliding Shelf Base Cabinet (Discontinued)

5M16 -?Wall Cabinet - English

5M16 -?Wall Cabinet - French

5M16 -?Wall Cabinet - Spanish

N/A -?

Garage Storage Unit

5A35 -?Full Cabinet (Discontinued)

5A36 -?Base Cabinet (Discontinued)

7083 -?Full Double Door Cabinet

7085 -?Base Cabinet

7686 -?

7885 -?

7886 -?

7887 -?

7888 -?Wall Utility Cabinet

7889 -?Base Utility Cabinet (Discontinued)

Home Organization

7024 -?Clear Box


1A71 -?No Slip Twin Turntable

1H30 -?Wrap and Bag Caddy

1H31 -?Adjustable Over the Door Organizer

1H33 -?Slide Out Lid & Pan Organizer

1H45 -?Slide Out Lid Organizer

3r49 -?Large Drawer

3r50 -?Small Drawer

3r51 -?Slide Out 2-Tier Can Rack

3r52 -?Helper Shelf

3r54 -?Corner Shelf

3r58 -?Shelf Track and Bin

5576 -?

8020 -?Pull Down Spice Rack

Cleaning & Utility

1M15 -?Reveal Spray Mop Unpacking & Assembly Video

1M15 -?Reveal Spray Mop Instruction Manual

1M16 -?Reveal Spray Mop Kit Instruction Manual

Mailboxes & Mailbox Posts

CL10000 -?Classic

GC10000 -?Gentry

MB107T -?Ventura

MB115B -?Roughneck

MB122B-04 -?Coachman

MB150BR -?Georgian Manor

MB187W -?Highland Park

Waste & Trash Cans

1K39 -?Hidden Recycler

5J81 -?45 Gallon Wheeled Refuse Trash Can